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All you need to know about Road Worlds for Seniors

Starts on Monday October 2nd at 8:00am (your local time). The last KMs must be logged before 4:00pm (your local time) on Friday, October 27th.


Certificates and merchandise:

Download certificate here.

Medals for each cyclists will be in your hands in the last week of the competition. Remember that only cyclists with logged km will qualify for medal. 

For results: roadworlds.com/results

This is how the competition works:

It is about covering as many kilometers as possible during the competition period. You will read off the distance from the bike/pedals and enter it on the Motiview laptop after each session.

Anyone can participate in RWS as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The minimum age limit is 55 years. There is no upper age.  
  • Only people who are connected to a care service can participate. LTC homes, day activity centres, senior centres, home care services etc. No employees or relatives can participate;
  • The team must have an active Motiview license to be able to participate. If there are several licenses on the same building, each license counts as a separate layer. This ensures that all teams have the same starting point - regardless of the size of the user site
  • Everyone must have at least one bicycle that measures KMs. 
  • You can participate using your arms and your legs during cycling. 

World champions are chosen in the team category, men's category and women's category. The top three in each category will get their own certificate and a big trophy! Everyone who participates, regardless of their distance, will be rewarded with their own medal and certificate.

A results list is created, which is updated several times a day. You will find this list on our website (link to the results list coming soon). Feel free to print out the results list and hang it up - from experience, this is greatly appreciated by cyclists, employees, relatives and volunteers.

In the results list, you will find a complete overview (i.e. participants from all countries), a national overview, and an overview by category. This year, we have added age groups 55-74 years, 75-99 years and 100+ years.

Remember that the Motiview laptop must be connected to the internet in order for us to receive your cyclists' results!

How to add cyclists to participate:

Everyone that participates in RWS gets their own medal. In order for us to be able to send out the correct number of medals, it is important that all cyclists and their cycling sessions are registered. This also ensures the cyclists/teams will be visible on the results lists.

To be able to add cyclists, you must have a user log-in for motiview. You can CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide.

You can register cyclists until the last day of the competition! Remember, everyone who wants to, can join - even if it’s just for one session!

PS: We do not name cyclists in the results lists. We write, for example, “Cyclist, Sunny Acres Care Community”. 

RWS logos for posters and banners:

If you want to make posters or banners, you can download our RWS logos. If you want to print the logo on T-shirts or similar, please contact us. You then need a different file format. 

RWS-logo h
RWS-logo w

Kick off and medal ceremonies:

Taking part in an international competition with participants from all over the world is not for everyone. It is a big thing, and the seniors should know that. So, we encourage everyone to have a grand kick off and medal ceremony. Feel free to invite relatives, volunteers, the mayor, celebrities, newspapers, radio and TV to attend.

Invite someone to play some music and make it a party with good food and drink. This is entirely up to each team depending on their schedules and the resources they may have. 

Share your stories and photos:

Feel free to make the event known locally through newsletters, posters and on information screens throughout your location. There is great value in making the event known to relatives, other employees and volunteers.

If you have social media such as Facebook and Instagram, use this both before, during and after the RWS. Share funny pictures, good ideas or status updates (e.g. how far have your cyclists gone so far?). If you do share on social media, we encourage you to add a hashtag so that we can share the posts with our followers.

If you don't have social media, you can send us pictures and text and we’ll be sure to highlight you! 

Here are some hashtags we encourage you to use: 

#roadworlds #motiview

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Remember to visit www.roadworlds.com for latest news